What is the MIK system?2022-05-24T11:01:56+02:00

MIK stands for Mounting Is Key. MIK is a system designed to make it easier to attach and remove accessories from your bicycle carrier. With the MIK system at your disposal, accessories such as bike baskets, panniers or child seats can be quickly installed and removed. As such, it’s straightforward to adapt your equipment to your activities, no matter what you’re up to.

MIK is an open platform. What does this mean?2022-05-24T11:01:50+02:00

Unlike other solutions, MIK is an open platform system. This means that other brands can be adapted with the MIK system. As an open platform, there’s no limit to the kinds of products you can use to customise your bicycle. Furthermore, you can use accessories from a wide range of different brands. 

Eager to discover which brands have adopted the MIK system? Find more information here.  

How does the MIK system work?2022-05-24T11:01:46+02:00

The MIK system consists of:


  • An accessory with a MIK adapter plate


      1. These include accessories that are pre-mounted with an MIK adapter plate
      2. Or accessories that are suitable for use with the MIK system. In these cases, you must purchase the MIK adapter plate separately. 


  • A carrier with MIK


    1. Various luggage carriers come equipped with integrated MIK profiles. 
    2. If your luggage carrier does not have an MIK Profile, you can simply attach an MIK carrier plate to your bicycle. 


The MIK system and how it works is explained clearly in this video.

How do I know if my bicycle is equipped with MIK?2022-05-24T11:01:39+02:00

A carrier with integrated MIK profiles is easy to spot thanks to a signature logo on the surface of the carrier itself. It will read “MIK” or “MIK HD”. If you’re still in doubt whether you’re using an MIK carrier, we recommend getting in touch with your bicycle manufacturer for further guidance. 

Tip: is your carrier lacking an MIK logo and no MIK profiles? Simply mount a MIK luggage carrier plate to your bicycle. Once installed, you’re free to make full use of the MIK system.

Which bicycle brands feature MIK?2022-09-12T11:24:51+02:00


Are you looking to buy a new bicycle and interested in using the MIK system? The following manufacturers produce bicycles with carriers that feature MIK profiles as standard. An overview of compatible brands can be found here.



Looking to upgrade your bicycle accessories with MIK-compatible extras? You can find a full overview of brands offering MIK accessories here



Looking to replace your current carrier with one one that’s compatible with the MIK system? Interested in discovering more about carriers that include MIK profiles as standard? Find a full overview of brands here.

Which bicycle accessories can be used with the MIK system?2022-05-24T11:01:12+02:00

There are several accessories suitable for use with the MIK system. You can find a full range of compatible accessories from Basil on the website. Accessories fall into two general categories:

  1. MIK ready products: these are products that include a pre-mounted MIK adapter plate. You can find an overview of products with pre-assembled MIK adapter plates on the MIK website.
  2. MIK compatible products: these are products that can be used with the MIK system, but do not include a pre-mounted MIK adapter plate. The adapter plate needs to be purchased separately. An overview of all MIK compatible products can be found here.
I’m interested in buying a bicycle basket or pannier. Do I have to buy the MIK adapter plate separately?2022-05-24T11:01:00+02:00

This depends on the type of accessory you choose. Some bags and baskets come with pre-assembled MIK adapter plates. As such, you won’t need to purchase an adapter plate separately. You can find a full overview of accessories with pre-assembled MIK adapter plates here

Many accessories are suitable for use with the MIK system, but do not include a pre-assembled MIK adapter plate. An overview of these accessories can be found here.

Can I combine a double pannier with a trunk bag or (dog) bike basket?2022-05-24T11:00:41+02:00

Yes, you can. The MIK double decker allows you to combine accessories with a pre-assembled MIK adapter plate. This applies to dog bike baskets, classic baskets, as well as double panniers.

I want to attach a trunk bag or (dog) bike basket to my carrier and attach panniers on the side of the carrier. Is this possible?2022-05-24T11:00:29+02:00

Yes, it is. Thanks to MIK pannier bag tubes, you can combine pannier bags, bicycle baskets, or a dog basket with one or two single pannier bags. MIK pannier bag tunes are attached to the MIK carrier plate itself. 

Will MIK products fit on a Racktime system carrier?2022-05-24T11:00:21+02:00

No, they won’t. Accessories that feature a MIK adapter plate fit on a MIK carrier and can not be used with a Racktime carrier. Likewise, accessories that feature a Racktime adapter plate (SnapIt) are not compatible with MIK carriers. However, it is possible to change adapter plates attached to certain accessories. If you have an accessory with a pre-assembled Racktime plate, you can mount an MIK adapter plate underneath the same accessory.

On which pannier racks will the MIK carrier plate fit?2022-05-24T11:00:15+02:00

All MIK carrier plates will fit pannier racks with a thickness of between 8 to 16 mm (diameter) and a pannier rack width of between 100 and 170 mm (external diameter).

Can I lock my pannier or bicycle basket with the MIK adapter plate?2022-05-24T11:00:06+02:00

No, the MIK adapter plate is fitted with a MIK stick. This stick can be used to adjust and handle the pannier or basket, depending on the product, but you can not use it to lock the accessory in place.

What should I do if I lose my MIK stick?2022-05-24T10:59:59+02:00

If you have a lost or damaged part, you can replace it without having to replace the entire bag, basket or system. 


You can find more information about these replacement parts on the Basil website. Here, you will also find  information about your nearest point of sale.

How do I prevent damage to my bicycle rack when attaching accessories or systems?2022-05-24T10:59:49+02:00

Use a piece of tape when attaching a pannier or bicycle basket. By doing this, you will prevent damage to your bicycle frame when moving a product or attaching a system. Frame protectors are also readily available from most cycle shops. These stickers are specially designed to protect your frame when attaching accessories.

Can I use a child seat with the MIK system?2022-05-24T10:59:42+02:00

No, you cannot install a child seat with the MIK system. However, you can combine it with the MIK HD. The MIK HD (Heavy Duty) is an extra strong and incredibly safe alternative to the standard MIK. All MIK accessories, including panniers, baskets and crates that include a pre-mounted MIK adapter plate can fit on carriers equipped with MIK HD. Child seats with a pre-assembled MIK HD adapter plate can also be fitted to MIK HD carriers. Put simply, MIK HD makes it simple to swap child seats and bicycle accessories with ease. 


For safety reasons, child seats are only compatible with MIK HD carriers, not with MIK carriers.

What is MIK HD?2022-05-24T10:59:35+02:00

MIK HD (Heavy Duty) is an extra strong and secure variant of MIK. The MIK system makes it simple to swap accessories quickly and easily. Thanks to MIK HD, child seats can also be clicked into and removed just swiftly and safely. 


MIK HD consists of:

  • The MIK HD carrier. An extra strong carrier that is tested to weight of 27 kg (EN 11243 and ISO 14344). 

The MIK HD adapter plate. An extra strong MIK adapter plate that includes a double locking  mechanism. The MIK HD adapter plate is pre-mounted beneath the child seat and is not sold separately for safety reasons.

What is the difference between MIK and MIK HD?2022-05-24T10:59:27+02:00

All MIK accessories, including bicycle baskets, crates and bags. Furthermore, with MIK HD, child seats and other bicycle accessories can be changed quickly and easily. 

For safety reasons, child seats can only be combined with MIK HD carriers, not standard MIK carriers.

I do not have a MIK HD carrier, can I combine a child seat with MIK?2022-05-24T10:59:14+02:00

For safety reasons, child seats with a MIK HD adapter plate can only be combined with MIK HD carriers, not standard MIK carriers. For safety reasons, you should avoid making changes to a child seat.

Which child seat brands are compatible with MIK HD?2022-05-24T10:59:05+02:00

The following brands offer MIK HD compatible child seats as part of their product range:

Can the MIK HD adapter plate be purchased individually?2022-05-24T10:58:57+02:00

No, the MIK HD adapter plate is not available to purchase separately. It is only available in combination with a child seat.

Does MIK HD meet the latest safety requirements?2022-05-24T10:56:16+02:00

Safety is paramount. The MIK HD carrier has been safety tested to weights of 27 kg and meets EN 11243 and ISO 14344 standards. Bicycle seat manufacturers offering MIK HD bicycle seats must ensure products have been tested and approved for sale by TÜV Rheinland. MIK HD is the first and only system in the world to receive this level of approval.

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