What is the MIK system?

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MIK stands for Mounting Is Key. MIK is a system designed to make it easier to attach and remove accessories from your bicycle carrier. With the MIK system at your disposal, accessories such as bike baskets, panniers or child seats can be quickly installed and removed. As such, it's straightforward to adapt your equipment to

MIK is an open platform. What does this mean?

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Unlike other solutions, MIK is an open platform system. This means that other brands can be adapted with the MIK system. As an open platform, there's no limit to the kinds of products you can use to customise your bicycle. Furthermore, you can use accessories from a wide range of different brands.  Eager to discover

How does the MIK system work?

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The MIK system consists of:   An accessory with a MIK adapter plate   These include accessories that are pre-mounted with an MIK adapter plate Or accessories that are suitable for use with the MIK system. In these cases, you must purchase the MIK adapter plate separately.    A carrier with MIK   Various luggage

How do I know if my bicycle is equipped with MIK?

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A carrier with integrated MIK profiles is easy to spot thanks to a signature logo on the surface of the carrier itself. It will read "MIK" or "MIK HD". If you're still in doubt whether you're using an MIK carrier, we recommend getting in touch with your bicycle manufacturer for further guidance.  Tip: is your

Which bicycle brands feature MIK?

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Bicycles Are you looking to buy a new bicycle and interested in using the MIK system? The following manufacturers produce bicycles with carriers that feature MIK profiles as standard. An overview of compatible brands can be found here.   Accessories Looking to upgrade your bicycle accessories with MIK-compatible extras? You can find a full overview

Which bicycle accessories can be used with the MIK system?

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There are several accessories suitable for use with the MIK system. You can find a full range of compatible accessories from Basil on the website. Accessories fall into two general categories: MIK ready products: these are products that include a pre-mounted MIK adapter plate. You can find an overview of products with pre-assembled MIK adapter

I’m interested in buying a bicycle basket or pannier. Do I have to buy the MIK adapter plate separately?

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This depends on the type of accessory you choose. Some bags and baskets come with pre-assembled MIK adapter plates. As such, you won't need to purchase an adapter plate separately. You can find a full overview of accessories with pre-assembled MIK adapter plates here.  Many accessories are suitable for use with the MIK system, but

Will MIK products fit on a Racktime system carrier?

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No, they won't. Accessories that feature a MIK adapter plate fit on a MIK carrier and can not be used with a Racktime carrier. Likewise, accessories that feature a Racktime adapter plate (SnapIt) are not compatible with MIK carriers. However, it is possible to change adapter plates attached to certain accessories. If you have an

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