Basil commuter carrier

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Release: Basil Commuter Carrier “Imagine carefree commuting on your e-bike, because you know that your belongings fit perfectly on your bicycle, are carried shockproof, that you are highly visible and your bicycle is Smart (IoT) connected.” This is what Basil had in mind, when it developed the new innovative carrier together with other international

Innovative “Commuter carrier” sets new standard

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Open platform MIK brings OEM the best of Spanninga, Basil, Massload and Tracefy, in one carrier The brandnew Basil Commuter Carrier shows the top in  innovation in carriers. The  modern design language  will appeal to demanding consumers  around the world. But the designers of the carrier will expect  commuters  to fall especially in love with


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Basil and Massload launch a revolutionary interface system for bicycle accessories on rear (luggage) carrier rack MIK is a revolutionary interface system that allows you to mount accessories onto the rear (luggage) carrier rack. The new system developed by Basil and Massload provides a great diversity for all involved: cyclists, retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers. MIK

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