Mounting on your luggage carrier

First, check if your bike has a luggage carrier with MIK profiles. You can recognize this by the MIK logo embedded on the luggage carrier. Do you have a different type of carrier? Then you can attach a MIK carrier plate to use the MIK system. The plate fits luggage carriers between 100 and 170 mm wide. All accessories with a MIK adapter plate can then be quickly, stably, and effortlessly clicked onto your bike. MIK, Click, Go!

Basil Universal Cargo carrier MIK (in)Side matt black

Accessories for MIK

All MIK-ready accessories come with an adapter plate that allows you to easily click them onto your luggage carrier fitted with MIK profiles. Some accessories do not have an adapter plate but are still suitable for MIK. For example, suppose you have a Basil bicycle pannier with a “Universal Bridge System” or a Basil bicycle basket with a multi-system bottom. In that case, you can buy the MIK adapter plate separately. Next, you can screw it into the bag or basket.

Using multiple accessories simultaneously

The MIK double-decker allows you to combine accessories with a (pre-mounted) MIK adapter plate. This applies to baskets, panniers, and dog baskets. So you can go shopping with your dog safely and in style or go on a cycling vacation comfortably with all the equipment you need!

Using MIK on an e-bike

MIK can be used on all types of bicycles with a MIK luggage carrier or a different kind of luggage carrier with a mounted MIK Carrier plate. Do you have an e-bike? Make sure that there is some space between the carrier and the battery.

“The world’s first and only platform with TÜV Rheinland approval.”

How the MIK system works with a child’s bike seat

Especially for the safe transport of your child, there is MIK-HD (heavy duty). Please note: a MIK-HD bike seat is only suitable for clipping it onto a MIK-HD carrier. A MIK-HD carrier can be recognized by the MIK-HD logo on the carrier. The standard MIK system has not been tested for this purpose. The safety of you and your child comes first! You can continue to use all other MIK accessories on the MIK-HD.

Safety first

Do you mount your bike on your car using a bike rack, or do you sometimes leave your bike unattended? In those cases, thanks to the MIK system, you can easily take your MIK accessory with you. Safe and sound!

Learn more

Would you like to know more? Check out our MIK products and the accompanying manual, or find your answers in the frequently asked questions. Is your answer not there? Feel free to contact us.

Option A – luggage carrier with MIK profiles

MIK system, as easy as 1, 2, 3

1 Luggage carrier with MIK extrusion profiles

2 MIK adapter plate (incl. mik-stick)

3 Bicycle accessory

Option B – luggage carrier without MIK profiles

MIK system, as easy as 1, 2, 3 (and 4)

1 Luggage carrier without MIK extrusion profiles

 2 MIK carrier plate

3 MIK adapter plate (incl. mik-stick)

4 Bicycle accessory